Alignment Financial Group caters to the distinct needs of small to medium-sized businesses across diverse industries. We specialize in providing comprehensive services to ensure the financial security of employees. Here's a breakdown of business types and the corresponding personas that find value in partnering with us:

Medical practices

Medical Practices

Business Type: Healthcare practices and medical facilities
Persona: Heads of HR or finance in healthcare settings looking for specialized 401(k) solutions.

Legal firms

Legal Firms

Business Type: Law firms
Persona: Managing partners or HR professionals in legal organizations aiming to enhance employee benefits.

Construction companies

Construction Companies

Business Type: Construction firms
Persona: Project managers or business owners in construction seeking streamlined 401(k) management solutions.

Manufacturing facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Business Type: Product manufacturing
Persona: Busy heads of HR seeking a trusted partner for efficient 401(k) administration.

Small business owners


Business Type: Small business owners with diverse responsibilities
Persona: Multitasking entrepreneurs delegating 401(k) complexities to seasoned experts.

Corporate Entities

Corporate Entities

Business Type: Medium-sized corporations
Persona: Heads of finance or HR in established companies pursuing a comprehensive approach to employee retirement benefits.

Technology companies

Technology Companies

Business Type: Technology startups
Persona: Founders with a tech-savvy approach, prioritizing tailored 401(k) solutions for their teams.

Service industries

Service Industries

Business Type: Service-oriented businesses
Persona: Operations managers or business owners in service industries focusing on employee satisfaction and retention.

Alignment Financial Group is dedicated to providing expert guidance across various sectors. Whether you operate in healthcare, law, construction, finance, manufacturing, or another area, our team is committed to aligning your business with a secure financial future for both you and your employees.