Alignment Financial Group was founded in 2009 to provide the level of service that small business 401(k) employees deserve, but without the exorbitant charges of Wall Street. A departure from the conventional, AFG stands out with a team-oriented structure. Dan is both a member of our investment committee, and a voting member of investment committees for hundreds of our clients. Dan also leads the team of 401(k) experts that directly engage with our clients’ employees, guiding them toward a secure retirement. Our focus is on serving companies, safeguarding them from risks inherent in 401(k) management.

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What sets us apart is our genuine specialization in the 401(k) service needs of small businesses, unencumbered by limitations from our firm or a lack of experience. With a profound understanding of ERISA rules and regulations, we offer the most robust employee engagement and retention plan in the industry. Unlike others, we prioritize personal connections, meeting every employee in person on-site to address their needs directly.

At Alignment Financial Group, we are immensely proud of our legacy, changing the lives of working people since 2009. Our commitment to personalized service distinguishes us, ensuring that each one of your employees, regardless of compensation level, receives expert guidance. Join us on a journey where financial empowerment meets personalized service, transforming the landscape of 401(k) management for businesses and employees alike.

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