At Alignment Financial Group, our mission is to manage an essential business for you—crucial for your success but not distracting from your core focus. Trust for our team isn’t merely about recent performance or glossy presentations; it’s about organizational integrity and process driven by prudent practices.

Investment Policy Statement

We assist in crafting an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) outlining objectives, risk tolerance, and constraints for investment management. We annually review the IPS with the Investment Committee, ensuring alignment with goals and effective management procedures.

Service Provider Search & Plan Benchmarking

We gather retirement plan proposals, preparing a detailed report for fiduciary due diligence. Benchmarking reports compare plan elements and fees with similar industries or demographics, ensuring informed decision-making.

Plan Committee Meetings

As co-fiduciaries, we provide summary reports to the Plan’s investment committee, covering participation reports, Plan goals, participant education updates, and regulatory/market insights.

Investment Monitoring

Quarterly, we offer in-person investment monitoring reports, evaluating Plan options against IPS criteria, including regulatory oversight, track record, stability, and performance.

Investment Search and Recommendation

When an investment falls short, we facilitate corrective action, providing an Investment Search Report suggesting replacements aligned with IPS criteria. We may also recommend additional asset classes for diversification based on modern portfolio theory.

Employee Education

We conduct onsite educational group meetings, covering topics like retirement readiness and asset allocation principles. Employee educators assist with enrollment, guide contribution decisions, and offer one-on-one guidance.

Removal of Retired/Separated Employees

We contact retired/separated employees, educating them on rollover options to reduce fiduciary risk and maintain optimal plan pricing for current employees’ benefit.